Saturday, February 04, 2017


In response to a CRCA pastor who attended the National Prayer Breakfast with my congressman, Rep. Bill Huizenga.
Mr. Huizenga's pastor praised him while ignoring the repressive actions that Donald Trump has created as our president.

For the record, here is the post of Rep. Huizenga's pastor:

Today I had the privilege to attend the National Prayer Breakfast with Congressman Bill Huizenga. Bill is a member of my congregation and a good friend whom I deeply appreciate. Some thoughts today about the breakfast:

First, about 4,000 people of all colors, political parties, religious persuasions, and countries were in attendance. I witnessed different political parties having fun, making jokes, and truly respecting each other. Wow!

Second, I heard probably one of the best messages I have ever heard from Senate Chaplin Barry Black. YouTube it and listen, it’s truly remarkable. His message was powerful, full of grace, and trumpeted loud and clear the gospel message salvation through Jesus Christ.

Third, even though President Trump isn’t my favorite, he spoke and did have some good things to say that I respect. Yes, he slammed Arnold Schwarzenegger but it was a joke and the media is blowing it out of proportion as they usually do. Trump stinks at humor and shouldn’t use it because he digs himself a deep ditch when he tries to use a joke.

Fourth, I have been in D.C. now twice and have met people who love God, truly want to do what is best for our country and the world, and truly care for humanity. I leave tomorrow with hope for our country and a deep realization that our country and the countries of the world are truly in God’s good care.

Fifth, I have generally mistrusted the media but after being here and hearing and seeing what I have, I truly do not trust the media. They practice “yellow” journalism and desire to make money for their news outlet and get a bunch of hits and retweets on articles from people. They don’t desire to tell the truth and desire to create hysteria because it is good for their back pockets. I encourage us all to be wise followers of Christ and seek to discover the truth of what is going on and why it is going on, instead of the deplorable drivel we are fed by the news.

Finally, even though I’m posting on Facebook, I encourage us to stop the garbage we post, repost, and news stories we tag. It really doesn’t do much good for any of us. What I encourage us to do is instead of posting most of the garbage we read is to PRAY. After today I will pray again for my country with hope and pride!


My response:

THIS entire report on the National Prayer Breakfast reads like a GOP endorsement of Bill Huizenga and Donald Trump.

What of the biblical text about protecting the refugee, the foreigner, the stranger, the marginalized, the orphan, and the widow, do we NOT understand clearly?

To be frankly honest, this post is a betrayal of a faithful witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we bow to powers that care NOT for ‘the least of these,’ we care not for the ways of Jesus Christ.

In the past week, we have experienced pain among refugees, Latino populations, and immigrants who are now stranded in places where they have no home.

For us to stand with leaders of power, such as Trump and Huizenga who betray the ‘least of these,’ we can no longer claim “Jesus is Lord.” While we can speak it with our mouths, we fail to proclaim him with our lives. We are so scared of ‘others,’ that we are unwilling to look into their eyes. We have passed the person on the road who needs our help. Do we really not recall the story of The Good Samaritan? What is wrong with us?

Know that someday justice will flow down the mountainsides like mighty waters. For those of you who stand in the way of righteousness, I hope that your hearts are changed. May love for your neighbors win in your hearts.

Grace & peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Randy Buist
Hudsonville, MI
Unity Christian, ‘84
Calvin College, ‘91

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