Saturday, April 02, 2016

It's National Poetry Writing Month

So I have these amazing friends who write really good stuff. On occasion I can write decent prose. But poetry. Why even bother.

Tonight I threw caution to the wind... 'What the heck. Why not try.'

So my friends write poetry
Freaking amazing stuff
When I was 8 and 10 and 15 I thought poetry sucked
Then these amazing friends
First with their prose
And now with their poetry
An entirely different genre
You can slam on the brake
Hit the gas
Break all rules or type real fast
But there is rhythm
Not so much rhymes like people often think
But rhythm like real life
And sometimes not rhythm  
Freaking amazing writing all jumbled together
And yet it makes sense but not quite
And in this mess is a depth of breath
That does not happen with prose so much
It can
Sure it can
But is seems more rare
Now to get my 13 year old to love this stuff

Yeah right

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