Thursday, February 25, 2016

So much for decency. We don't even dare.

I'm too tired to write. I am too tired to not write. My brain hurts. It may be my head. It still hurts. I need sleep. My teenager is sick on the couch. She still wants me to sit up and be dad.

A few days ago Max Lucado, the highly respected evangelical writer titled a piece, 'Decency for the President.' You can imagine his thoughts. These are not too hard. He asks for the American people to expect decency of our leaders.

But here is the problem with decency. When President Obama gave an passionate speech in the wake of the Charleston shooing last June, complete with his rendition of Amazing Grace, plenty of Americans questioned his faith. Someone even suggested the speech writer of President Obama was behind everything our President said at that service.

Fast forward nine months. We now have candidates who claim to be Christians. One of them can not even pronounce Two Corinthians correctly. Another claims to be a committed follower of Jesus. He fails to realize twelve million immigrants are his neighbors. Apparently he failed to read at least half of the Bible. Another wants to bomb the world into American submission. So much for Jesus call for peacemakers.  

The irony. We have no problem believing our current list of candidates are Christian. Yet. We still have issues with the black guy, our President, being Christian. 

Maybe... just maybe he has struggled to be faithful to what he believes. Maybe following the ways of Jesus while being the most powerful person on the planet is really difficult. 

And maybe we as white America do not believe President Obama because he is black. 
Maybe we are still far more racist than we want to admit. And we refuse to look into the mirror. Do we even dare. So much for decency.

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