Saturday, March 01, 2014

Taken Hostage by...

So we have 50 million people without health insurance, and we're just fine with that reality so long as it doesn't cost us anything personally. How have we as Jesus followers allowed our politics and passion for our money to estrange us so far from the gospel message?

I care less about the ACA, but nobody has proposed anything better nor has one party or the other shown a particular passion for those without health care. Yet we've been conned into supporting one position or the other with virtually no regard for the ethic of Jesus to care for our neighbors. The entire argument is premised on 'what it will cost me.' Are we our brother's keepers?

In the midst of our highly individualistic goals of chasing the American dream of collecting stuff rather than chasing after virtue, I suggest the answer is simply 'not really.' While we can do things as individuals that have value for the poor or for our neighbor, without a cohesive care as a society for such issues as health care, these issues will remain and likely grow bigger as the chasm of those with and without wealth continues to grow larger. 

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