Monday, February 24, 2014

What Is It Mr. Huizenga?

Immigration reform was the topic at a roundtable discussion in Zeeland last week Tuesday. Dr. Tim Brown of Western Seminary started the meeting with a call for those gathered to live into the biblical text and support the strangers in our lands. Fifty business owners, clergy, and other leaders of the 2nd District gathered to share concerns, listen to one another's stories, and raise a voice towards Representative Huizenga's office that immigration reform is of utmost importance.

Greg VanWoerkom, District Director for Huizenga's office, was on hand to share their official talking points about the complexity of immigration reform. The talking points that former Rep. Peter Hoekstra used within the district to keep the peace during his tenure in the U.S. Congress remain the same even though we are into our forth years of Huizenga's leadership.

In D.C. House Speaker Boehner is not making any movement on immigration reform. Political strategists suggest nothing will happen on this issue until mid 2014 when the electoral process is closed to potential candidates. Then the far right will not be able to  run more Tea Party candidates nor will those supporting immigration reform have passionate candidates enter into the races across this country.

So we hope for immigration reform, but we have few men or women elected to D.C. with a passion for the 12 million people living in daily fear of deportation. The faith and convictions of our forefathers who established this nation is forgotten quickly in the name of power, salaries, and pensions that quickly consume the souls of men.

To ask Representative Huizenga for passion on this issue is a mute point. The far-right of his district, along with donors, has his heart set on luke-warm and his passion directed towards other issues such as commerce and House appointments. Forgotten are the days when men and women held political office for the sake of real conviction other than to represent some ideology that has no foundation in the faith of his constituents.

It is high time Representative Huizenga comes out with a clear statement on his views towards immigration reform so that those of us who believe in the goodness of the gospel message can in fact consider another candidate for our district before the April filing deadline.

Mr. Huizenga, please let us know something of your character regarding this issue. Simple talking point of how your predecessor, Mr. Hoekstra, immigrated legally to this nation has nothing to do with the current discussion. That was a different day. To suggest there are similarities is like talking about the internet as a reality in the 1960's. It is beyond comprehension to compare those time with this current reality in America, and we need leadership by men and women with conviction.

Either we ask you to find the convictions of humble men of days gone by such as Samuel Adams and George Washington or more recently of Paul Henry and Vern Ehlers or simply return home. It is time for leadership with real conviction that is not concerned about the consequences of the next election.

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