Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Some days...

Yesterday eight members of Congress got arrested outside the Capital building. They had joined a large group of others to protest the issue of immigration. 

For months the U.S. House has had a bill already passed by the Senate, but the House leadership refuses to take it up for debate and an eventual vote. Instead, they've sat on it. 

Regardless of your political position, consider this with me: Only one of the eight members of Congress arrested yesterday were white males. Yes, one. 

Why did eight representatives believe it was worth being arrested, but only one white male believed so? Please don't call me arrogant for this, but some days I wonder what our nation would look like if it was not led by a group of us who has been the dominant power for the past three hundred years? 

I wonder what it really looks like to be a minority in a nation of minorities that is still governed largely by white males? No members of Congress were arrested for going through barriers at the WWII Memorial. At least I didn't hear about it. 

Yesterday eight members of Congress actually stood up for their constituents and a large segment of our nations population too. Only they got arrested. They were mostly minorities. 

On days like this, when I consider issues like this, I wish I could walk in their shoes. Sure, I know that my inner self would want to return to the comfortable world of white-male power. This is my reality. But I deeply long for our elected officials to know one another's reality beyond their own power and desire to get re-elected. 

If we were to really take these risks, we would have an immigration bill that would be passed by now. Instead, we've chosen to allow our elected officials in the U.S. House to continue -- because it really is mostly about us and our own self-interests. 

Nobody got arrested opening the WWII Memorial in the face of security officers telling us that we couldn't. Instead we gloated to our constituents that we could stand in the face of police, security forces and Park Rangers and have our way. And today our nation is no better for it. 

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