Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gingrich: S.C. 'decided to be with us in changing Washington'

Washington may need a few good people who understand how to cut budgets without killing people. Yet, it is hard to imagine Newt being the person who would change D.C. politics. 

Consider this:

Newt is on his third marriage, and he had a mistress in marriage #1 & marriage # 2 prior to each divorce. Each time the mistress became the next wife. Either this is Washinton's current norm or he is ushering in the next wave of mistress acceptability in our nation's capital. 

Newt was once the third most powerful American in the nation as the U.S. House of Representative Speaker. He left this office in the middle of a term rather than be removed by the U.S. Congress for ethical failures. Either ethical failure is the new norm or evangelical Christians have decided that it's good to forgive people for their failures. The later option would be a good change except that this attitude of forgiveness hasn't' been extended to President Obama for having the second name of Hussein or for being a black man in charge of this country. Why does an overweight ethnically-unaware white man get a free pass over the brilliantly kind hope-filled black guy?

Newt talks about cutting deficits and budges, but there will be few cuts to our military and tax exemptions for oil companies will continue even though they had record profits in 2011. Cuts to African aid relief, cuts to our nations poor, and cuts to 'the least' and marginalized in our society are certainly on his horizon. Fortunately, a tea party majority of sixty senators is out of his reach for 2012; so the democrats can tie up Newt's ideas for four years, and we'll plunge further into debt as neither side can agree to share a meal together -- let alone share power.

In reality, everything will change if Newt is elected. The liberal media will be kept out of the White House Press Room, and the evil questions posed by the evil empire of the liberal media will be kept at bay. Thus, Newt will usher in an entirely new day for our country, and we shall all be saved  by his generosity, goodness, kindness and love.

Sometimes we create fairy tales and they are kept alive by our desire to hope for a better world. Newt's proclamation for changing Washington is just that - a fairy tale.

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