Friday, September 02, 2011

Kenya Matters Reflections: Late August Edition

On this first day of September, I’m in my favorite coffee shop with my eight-year-old son enjoying quiet time across the table from one another.  A silent glimpse and occasional few words remind us of the presence of the other. For our family and a handful of others here in West Michigan and elsewhere around the globe, life is a constant mix of family, work—and the efforts, thoughts, hopes and prayers for our orphan friends in Karai, Kenya.  
At times I almost wish this project away, as it feels like a burden to care for kids half a world away.  On the other hand, it is also one of the greatest joys of many of our lives.  Two weeks ago I was sitting in a corporate board meeting, and I received an email stating that the water volume of the well was very good!  I immediately interrupted the meeting to share the news. Tears swelled in the eyes of the sixty-six year old co-founder of this company. Friends, we’re making a difference.

A day later at a gathering of friends, while celebrating water at the bottom of our 260 meter deep well, Jason Anderson stated, “Now we’ve done something significant with our lives.”

Savor this reality.  And know that we have work to do.  We have a well & water project that needs funding to develop: irrigation for eight acres of farmland, showers for teenagers, and a filtration system for drinking water. We also have five additional orphan friends who will need tuition assistance for high school this coming year.

We’re asking you in real financial ways to help our thirty-two kids in Karai. Please give it some thought, and consider how you can join us in this effort.

On behalf of the board, we celebrate and challenge ourselves (and you) to the future that lies ahead. 

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