Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm looking for a fight...

And here is why I am looking for a fight these days: While the democrats and republicans in Washington D.C. are not playing fair nor nice, nor are they really being helpful to the nation since they prefer fighting and ideology over and against compromise, my representative is Mr. Bill Huizenga.

I'm looking for a fight - someone to take him on in this conservative second district because he plays the same games as the rest of the crew in D.C. But, he's my congressman, and I can fight for him to change his ways or for someone else to go to D.C. to represent me.  This is the beauty of a democracy. I can speak. I can write. I can vote. And I can challenge Mr. Bill Huizenga to either be more honest or change his ways or look for a challenger.

Mr. Congressman, you continue to harp on jobs and job creation, and you direct your accusations at President Obama and the democrats. Undoubtedly they share some of the blame for this mess, but you prefer to take none of the blame.  Furthermore, you tout the idea of job creation as something that America needs -- and we do.

Yet, you fail to address the needs of the second largest business in Michigan - agriculture. We in the AG business are looking for support from you for immigration reform. We have employees who could benefit from reform, and we have businesses that would become more stabilized with the reform. Yet, on this issue you turn away and support the party line. I realize it's about votes. Your position is not about what is right nor what is good nor just nor even about jobs. Yet, you claim to support 'job creators.' In reality, you support new jobs if they fit within the party lines. Is it no wonder our economy is in a mess?

So, please be honest with us. Until you are willing to support immigration reform in D.C. for the sake of the AG business in your own state, your accusations toward 'the other side' are not fair. You have failed to support changes that we believe are necessary, and you seem to be unwillingness to support the AG business in your district. As a follower of Jesus Christ and someone who is passionate about justice and mercy, and also as someone whose family business employs migrants and American citizens, I am rightly offended by the inability of self-reflection and recognition of the problematic policies held by both parties.

This is not simply a differing of opinion or a difference in philosophy. I encourage and challenge you to find a political position that will support job creation that also supports the diverse agriculture scene of Ottawa County. Until your position changes on this issue, your talk about desiring to help with job creation is is what my grandfather would have called chaff. As 'job creators' in your district, should we not expect better?

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