Wednesday, November 10, 2010

thoughts for future ponderings...

Fact is: I have too many thoughts in my head that need pondering and release and perhaps some writing as well. Perhaps it's writing over the next week or seven.

Seven is a number of wholeness; so maybe I need to pound some ideas out of my head so that I can remain sain... or less insane.

Had an uncle die this past summer. He was an ordinary guy, life was a bit boring by many standards, and yet I am compelled to think of him often since his death. I miss my Uncle Dale. He taught me much, and I never really told him how much I learned in my early years. Now I have an eight year old son who loves fishing - just like Uncle Dale. Someday soon I want to rightly write some of my thoughts about his life.

Justin Bieber. I had no idea who this kid was until I found him on YouTube tonight. A 16 year old kid singing and doing music videos over the internet all while looking like a 12 year old. I'll assume he didn't get the memo, but 12 year old boys like soccer, making leaf piles in the yard, fighting with sisters, and denying that girls will ever offer anything of value to their lives. So, why is he acting, looking, and sounding like he is 12?

The American Evangelical (near) Failure in America: A book that I would like to have written, or write, or co-write about how we have co-opted the gospel message, the message of God with his people into something almost entirely different than what we hear in church on Sunday and what we live in our economic system, and what we embrace as "Christian" politics. Perhaps it's not too late for either the nation or the church, but... when will we realize that our gospel as held by us white folks in North America is not the gospel we were given by either the stories handed down to us or the stories handed down through the biblical text?

Three posts... all to be addressed before Thanksgiving.


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