Thursday, October 28, 2010

Restoring Sanity...

Jon Stewart is about to head to the mall in D.C. for his Rally to Restore Sanity party. In the midst of his own political leanings, he's captured a bit of the sentiment of the nation.

This morning I am struck by the speech of Mr. Newt Gingrich yesterday at Liberty University. Yesterday Newt suggested that President Obama is leading America down the road of secular socialism. Does anyone besides me find it ironic that Mr. Gingrich has the audacity to talk about himself as holding conservative values?

While he may be an economic conservative, his personal ethics show none of the values that led my grandparents and parents to adhere to the values held by the Republican party.

Unless I've lost count, Mr. Gingrich is currently on his third wife, and by all accounts, he's unreliable when it comes to faithfulness to his wife of the moment.

At this moment, I simply ask that we question our willingness to listen to the words of Mr. Gingrich. I know the grandfather whose last name I hold would have no part of the political agenda of Mr. Gingrich nor would he trust a word the man says.

It's time to shut out the voices who hold no credibility including Mr. Gingrich. It's time to again value thoughtfulness, integrity, and hope for our fellow Americans.

It's time for me to again thank my grandfather for his strong ethics that permeate my life, and it's time for me to love rather than hate, create hope rather than fear, and to believe politics should be about more than me and my party or me and my loud voice.

Instead, they should ask, what about my neighbor? Or in Newt's case perhaps, what about my neighbor's wife?

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BradleyT said...

I agree!
As far as Newt being an economic conservative, ask the simple question-did the government get bigger or smaller on his watch?
Unfaithful to his wife (and he converted from Baptist to Catholic to marry #3-how ironic is that?) and to his (alleged) principles.