Monday, October 04, 2010

Mo(u)rning with Joy

Sitting at the kitchen table.
The table that my grandpa & grandma buist had in their dining room for years.
The same table that had great meals, made Christmas cookies, and taught the etiquette of listening to the bible reading and prayer.
Waiting to wake Jaden and Nadia for the day.
Playing "JoY" by The Autumn Film right now.

Remembering the conversation over coffee with your brother at Signatures.
Recognizing the passion for the people of Africa that he had found in his heart at mid life and resonating so well with it.

This morning I am sad for you, for your family, for Debbie and the kids.
And yet we serve a God who will someday turn all wrongs to right.
There will be a resurrection. Say it aloud: There will be a resurrection.
There will be reuniting of families and of friendships.

We hope.
We yearn.
We cry out now knowing why 'not yet?'
And yet we know that we know that we know someday will come

Today I celebrate an email from a cousin in Atlanta.
She's sending me a key to her apartment for my visit to her city.
She'll be in Thailand when I arrive to her town.
Yet her hospitality welcomes me.

This is the kind of love people of Jesus show.
This is the kind of day I want to live today.
This is the way of Jesus Christ.
This is the way we were created to be.

Today I celebrate Dennis Dykstra.
Today I celebrate Jesus Christ.
And the coming of the kingdom.

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