Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Kenya & back...

Today is a celebration of life.

Merging of my family & friends in Kenya & America... An amazing wedding celebration of my friend and his wife from Karai, Kenya, thirty-two orphaned Kenya kids who rely on our support for their hopes and dreams to be realized, friendships that have grown roots deeply on the African continent very quickly, and now back to my U.S. home.

Today Kathy & I celebrate twenty years of marriage! Today I help with volleyball tryouts of the freshman girls at Unity Christian where hopes and dreams of fourteen years old girls will be both dashed and realized.

Life is fragile, delicate, convoluted at times when it comes to perspective, and yet also crystal clear at other times. Today I will visit the funeral home for my seventy year old Uncle Dale Buist who died suddenly of a heart attack while fishing in Northern Michigan. I am saddened, but he died doing one of the passions of his life.

Life is both rotten tomatoes and cherry tomatoes in the same garden. As humans, we hope for the days when our garden has no rotten tomatoes, and yet we know that reality is fleeting.

This morning my garden has both rotten and good tomatoes, but I especially like the sweet tomatoes. I thank God for the views and tastes of this moment as I savor some of the best coffee in the world, and I thank God for amazing family & friends who have shaped my life over the years.

Today, August 17 of 2010, I thank God for an amazing wife who has become a life partner of incredible proportions! I recall my Grandpa Buist being saddened that he and Gert didn't quite make sixty-five years. Perhaps that too is our goal, and yet sixty-five years would be much too short. I look forward to a future when our lives will be intermingled forever.

Today that thought is my hope, my joy, my Psalm of praise and thanksgiving. Today my surest sign of the kingdom of God is the living biblical text breathing life into my hopes, my dreams, my Kenyan friends, my American friends, in the form of Kathy Ann.

My heart is full, and my tomatoes taste very sweet even as tears flow.

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Kathy Buist said...

Love you!