Monday, July 19, 2010

Why it Matters - Immigration Reform

Lunch today with Kate from the Social Justice office of the Christian Reformed Church of North America -- yes, social justice is now being promoted within this reformed denomination as if issues of justice matter to Yahweh.

Placing all cynicism aside, I'm encouraged that a theologically steeped denomination is willing to take the mantle of social justice, and particularly immigration reform, seriously.

I suspect that immigration reform and the way that it is handled over the next decade, has the ability to tear the Christian church apart across this country or give it a healthy trajectory into this decade. We, as people living in the Spirit of God, have the ability to proclaim that we are people of justice. Or not.

We have the ability to influence conversations about this issue in our church board rooms, in our office meetings, over lunch with friends and acquaintances, and among strangers willing to engage in this issue.

We have the ability to be people of justice and mercy. We have the ability to speak the truth, and we have the ability to love our neighbors regardless of their nationality, their skin color, their sexual orientation, or their legal status.

We have the ability to be people of goodness and kindness, justice and mercy, but will we? Are we willing to speak out for the marginalized, the poor, the oppressed who have no place to speak, who have no senator to email nor a family member who can keep them safe.

It is time for us, for the people who call themselves followers of Yahweh, to do justice and to love mercy in ways that we have not done since the civil right days.

If we really seek righteousness, which means to live right with God, to live in the the shadow of God, then we are called to emulate, to embody, to do the things that God requires of us.

It is now time for us to speak out regardless of the consequences.

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