Thursday, July 08, 2010

It's time.

It's time to write again.
To reflect again.
To think deeply.
To challenge myself.
To hope more fully.
To dream more completely.
To desire the things of God more clearly.

The things of Spring have passed away.
Greenhouses have emptied.
Flowers have been sold.
Time to rest.
Time to be still.
Time to know that I have not all the answers.
Time to recognize better ways of being human.

Time to write again.


Lori said...

Welcome back.

Matthew said...

Found a great PBS News Hour video I thought you might find interesting since it has to do with alleviating poverty in Kenya. It's about a group called Kickstart International. The head of the group went to Africa years ago as a foreign-aid socialist and came back "a "small-c" capitalist".