Friday, April 23, 2010

In Honor of friends Mike & Stacy Stavlund

reading through some stuff in my "documents" folder on my hard drive tonight... This was written by my wife Kathy several years ago.  Mike and Stacy, dear friends, had just lost their son...

Beautiful landscape
Sunshine warming the earth
Warmth spreading among His People
A gorgeous place for new friendships
Mike and Stacy
Real to the core
Warm eyes
Warm smiles
Glowing love for one another
Kingdom Exhibitionists
William Addison Stavlund
Warm eyes
Warm smile
Gorgeous Hair
Emerging Kingdom Exhibitionist
Oh God, hear our cry
Warm them with your spirit
Warmth to the core

(I still cry and hold their pain as my own even though I know it so faintly.)

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Mike Stavlund said...

Thanks, Randy. And thanks for these beautiful words, Kathy.