Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saving someone at Panera

I'm currently watching some big guy trying to evangelize someone at a table at Panera Bread in East Kentwood. It feels odd to watch, and it feels squirmy watching the sinner guy trying to figure out if he should make the plunge.

While I am all for people following Jesus, why don't we invite people into a life of the kingdom before we expect them to follow Jesus? Why don't we show people our lives of goodness, gentleness, peace, and social justice before blindly inviting them to follow Jesus?

I mean really. Now he's talking about faith as a triangle. What? Jesus never mentioned a triangle... and now he said, "Make any sense to you?"

Well, it doesn't make any sense to me to think about following Jesus into the kingdom via a triangle. I hope it works for this guy. But really. We can do much better than try to make people feel uncomfortable at Panera as we ask them for their life.

This is why I embrace friends who are writing books -- books that look at the Christian faith from a different perspective and give us alternative ways of trying to follow Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

I agree the Panera thing is odd, but folks connected/affirming the emerging church are not in any place to criticize the odd use of words/phrases.

I have no idea what a faith triangle is either, but I need a special dictionary to understand a lot of what contemporary church folks are talking about.

Dwight Douglas