Tuesday, February 23, 2010

two lockers away

The old man sits two lockers away.  Most every day after my workout at the YMCA there he is.  We have shared a few words, but today we shared nothing but the same row of lockers.
Today I did not feel much like talking.  I should have felt like talking.  Today he had just begun to change into his workout wear when I came back from the gym.  Today he had ‘long johns’ as grandpa called them.  It took him a short eternity to take them off one slow leg at a time.
I kept thinking.  I kept wondering why I allowed this kind of silence between us.  Yet, today I did not feel much like conversation.  And after three or four minutes next to one another I realized.  I realized that two people can go through life next to one another, and yet it is entirely possible that their lives never intersect.
It was a sad realization.  Knowing that too often we are so self-absorbed.  Knowing we fail to reach into the lives of others around us.  Today I wanted to talk.  I could not.
Tomorrow I will hope for better of myself.  I can almost hear Jesus say.  Who is your neighbor.  

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