Tuesday, January 26, 2010

(edit) living as missional people... loving the things of Yahweh

The world of internet media presents challenges for all of us who occasionally believe we have something to say. The post below was a response to a conservative evangelical seminary professor. So, I wrote it thinking in terms of 'liberal' and 'conservative' from the perspective of theology (how we understand God) and not from a political perspective. I've made a few edits as not to confuse -- only to challenge our thinking and the way we live in the presence of God.
Introduced to the missional conversation via Leslie Newbigin, Craig VanGelder, George Hunsberger, David Bosch, I REALLY wonder about this fear of theological liberalism? I don't entirely 'get' the accusation or even the suggestion for that matter.  

This morning I searched all of the Old Testament 'justice' references in the NIV, and it's clear that justice and mercy are central to Yahweh. While the cross and forgiveness of sins is also central, without justice and mercy directing our lives, I'm not convinced we really believe/follow the Jesus who lived, died, and conquered death.  

Is it possible that throwing around the term 'liberalism' simply allows us to continue to hold onto our wealth, power, and position over and against identifying and speaking for/to the marginalized on our society?  

* I'll follow up with a response to this post later this week.
~~ Thanks for the comment Brad. You provoked some thinking on my part.


Bradley said...

Since when are justice and mercy considered liberal?

randy buist said...

Thanks for the comment Brad.