Thursday, December 24, 2009

potluck for Christmas

preparing for a trip to my kenyan orphan friends.  leaving the day after christmas.  today was supposed to be packing day.

started the day with an americano and cinnamon roll along with conversation with a high school friend (and former player), a haircut by my trusted barber of the past twenty-six years, a good sub and then stopping by the home of a cousin.  his little sister died unexpectedly at the age of 47 three months ago.  he's 53, and today he is struggling.  tears. pain.  GOD.  conversation.  trust.  around the dining room table.  hospitality.  friendship.  after all - we are family.  part of a life spent without pursuing God, but now God is here.  God is breathing in this house.  Now how does he and his family find room for this breathing and living Spirit in their midst?

another conversation sharing a bit of my cousin's pain and hopes.  a dinner with my family.  a seven year old son getting nervous about having mom and dad gone for sixteen days.  his little sister will need to be looked after, but is he feeling up to the task?  insecurity reigns.

off to drop my little orchid flowers at aunt ruth who will take care of them while we are in africa.  pick up my friend to go hang out at the pub for the night.  stupid conversation.  good conversation.  intense conversation.  tab paid.  let us get home to bed.

now.  two hours reflecting on the day.  God was there.  every bit of it.  every inch of it.  every word of it.  do i wonder? do i question this faith?  what do i know for certain.  even that depends on the day.  but this i know.

today was good.  today was of God.  today was worship.  today was brokenness. today was also healing.  today was hope filled.  God will live another day in my life.  God will live another lifetime for this family.  today Grandpa would be pleased.  God has fulfilled his promise to be with many generations of his people who are faithful.  today was good.  night.

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