Friday, November 06, 2009

Time to demand changes for our medical system...

Following Jesus Christ, we should hear two things loud and clearly:  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Yet, when we have the debate about changes that are needed in our medical system, we always revert to our political leanings.  We always fear communism or socialism.  We automatically hold onto those things more dearly than our neighbors need for being able to see a doctor. We have kids with H1N1 who don't have their own doctor because they cant' afford their own doctor.  Sure, they can go to the ER and be seen.  That isn't the point.  The point is that we hold to our political positions over and against realizing our love for our neighbors should trump all other things in this debate.

Thus, the issues of doctors pay, taxes, who pays, tort reform should all become secondary to caring for our neighbor.  We really can't seem to get to the point where 'Love your neighbor as yourself" becomes the driving issue in this debate.

I hear taxes, communism, socialism, taxes, and a hundred other things that keep us from reform.  Yet, it should be followers of Jesus who are holding our second commandment front and center.

but it seems that since we don't really know how to change the system, we become immobilized.  We don't want to be disloyal to our political roots, and we don't want to be disloyal to our friends, so we don't hold 'Love your neighbor as yourself' front and center.

We are scared of changes in our medical system, but consider this:
~ We allow our parents and grandparents to be covered by Medicare once they are 65 or whenever they qualify.  We prefer saving the money to having them continue with their current health care providers.  Why is it o.k. for our government to take care of them if we are so opposed to it?

~ Why is our fear of communism or socialism a bigger motivating factor than caring for our neighbor?

~ Why are we continually 'fine' with 10-30% increases in our heath insurance every year.  THIS IS NOT SUSTAINABLE!!!



Anonymous said...

Couple thoughts. The first is that 'change' can include a ton of very different things. I am assuming you are talking about guaranteeing health care through some sort of a centralized health plan (gov't run) and/or controlling prices.

I am opposed to both of those solutions because of my commitment to love my neighbor. I believe both of those would cripple health care for everyone and would drive us to a point at which real health care would only be available to those who can pay tons of money on a blackmarket.

I opposed it because I love my neighbor, oppose it out of my love for Jesus.

Bruce D, Rockport MI

randy buist said...

When do 10-30% price increases each year become 'black market.' There is no other industry in the world that can get away with these insane increases each yea and call it legitimate.

What if our grocery prices actually increased 20% each year while wages remain stagnant?

In all honesty, the price increases are totally out of control. I know of people unplugging from health insurance on princple; they simply believe its entirely corrupt.

I'm not advocating such, but it should make us stop and pause... the current direction/projection of health insurance will mean the majority of people will go without sooner rather than later.

Current projections suggest a family making 100,000 a year will spend 37,000 on health insurance by 2015. Take taxes off the top, and you'll likely be left with less than half.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is completely out of control. The current system is deeply dysfunctional and there is a lot of corruption - this includes both private insurance AND government run programs like Medicare and cade. It also includes the defensive medicine costs resulting from predator lawyers.

For me the issue is how quickly it becomes simplistic - we need to do something, therefore we support 'reform' coming through house, senate, whitehouse, republicans, whatever.

Another issue is confusing cost and price. It would be great to reduce the price of health care and make it more affordable, but the cost is still there. From what I see, the plans out there just focus on reducing the price people (companies) have to pay while ignoring the cost. Good, constantly developing health care is very expensive.