Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the slippery slope - really?

we REALLY NEED to get rid of this slippery slope idea. i don’t believe it has any basis within the biblical text. either God’s people are faithful or they are not faithful as they live their lives.
the biblical text is a story of God with his people, and sometimes they really really mess up, and other times they follow the Spirit to the ends of the earth. the Spirit is always in the midst of the story. God is always somewhere even when seeming absent.
the biblical story without trust in the Spirit may be a slippery slope to nowhere (an absence of God is hell — so perhaps that’s where a slippery slope gets you), but Yahweh is always present with his people.
there was no slippery slope for Job nor Abraham nor Joseph or John nor Peter nor Paul… i’ll suggest that a belief of ‘the slippery slope’ declares that we don’t have the hope for God’s continuing story among us…
if the biblical narrative continues with us; if the Spirit of God lives among us as the biblical text tells us, then we don’t need to worry about the next law that comes along as being something that will make our entire story fall into ruins.


Anonymous said...

? There seems to be something missing - slippery slope to / from what????

randy buist said...

most any sort of slippery slope.
i.e. changes in our medical system mean we'll become communists / gay marrriage means we'll eventually no longer believe in God -- the entire slippery slope idea, regardless of the issue, is predicated on fear by the leaders of some particular cause. as such, being motivated by fear has virtually no place within the lives of those who follow Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Or how about, oppose medical reform and we'll stop following Jesus?

Bradley J, Lansing