Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Join us for a trip to Kenya!


You are receiving this email since you showed some interest in joining Kathy, Anna, and me on our excursion to Karai, Kenya this coming December.

So much has been tentative until the past week. Here are some details.

Airline tickets are priced well for the 26th of December. There is a need to stay in Kenya until the second weekend in January if we are looking for good fair rates.

Tickets out of Grand Rapids on the 26th, arriving on the evening of the 27th, with a departure of January 9, are currently running about $1680 (total) -- which is a great rate.

About ten of you have shown interest; I realize not all of you will join us this year. Yet, we would be honored to have you. I guarantee that two weeks in Kenya will change your life forever.

Over the past 48 hours, I have received several emails from our Kenyan friends regarding the trip, and I can't help but get this information forwarded your way. I'm so excited to encourage you to take a huge step in faith!

Tentative Itinerary - this is Africa - so it is always tentative!

Sat. 26th - Fly out today (from wherever you live)

Sun. 27th - Arrive 7:50 p.m. (or whenever you can arrive on the 27th or early morning on the 28th)

~ Stay overnight in the city

Mon. 28th - travel to Karia / rest / spend time with kids

~ dinner with kids / devotions with kids

(devos with the kids each night of our stay -- led by us -- perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the trip)

Tues. 29th - painting of rooms with the kids & adults & purchasing of supplies in Naivasha

Wed. 30th - painting of rooms with the kids and adults / meet with the youth group

Thurs. 31st- evaluation of kids

Fri. 1st - celebration of the New Year!

Sat. 2nd - field trip with kids

Sun. 3rd - worship / lunch / soccer with the kids

Mon. 4th - business meeting / home visits (visiting the relatives of our orphans)

Tues. 5th - business meeting / sheep distribution

Wed. 6th - Visit the schools of the kids / home visits

Thurs. 7th -- safari

Fri. 8th - safari

Sat. 9th - to market in Nairobi / to slum city in Nairobi --- fly out tonight

Sun. 10th - fly home

Trip Costs figured at 4 people...

Overnight in Nairobi for first night - $50/person

Kenyan Visa - $50

Full board=$480 ~ 12/13 x $40/day ~ Staying at the home of our director and his wife. They are amazing hosts; they feed us very well, and they know how to keep us from getting sick!

Airport shuttle - $40/person

Field trip with kids -- paid by Kenya Matters funds

Sheep distribution -- approx. $80/person

Painting of rooms -- paid by Kenya Matters funds

Misc. expenses... approx. $130/person

Transportation... approx. $150/person

Safari -- big question here... $120/person for starters for an amazing day trip to Lake Nakuru Game Park. Masai Mara Game Park could run $300 plus per person.

~ The entire group would not need to be committed to the same option here.

** We are looking at approx. $975 plus safari costs **

* Shots from your local heath department and Passports will also be necessary in preparation of visiting the Karai, Kenya community.

If you get serious about joining us, I would encourage you to contact your friends and family for support. While you will be learning and exploring Kenya, this is a mission trip in the best of the sense.

We are supporting orphans without parents, and we are helping them become productive members of society as they grow into adulthood.

PLEASE let me know if you are still serious about an adventure that will breathe life into your lungs and soul.

I would love to hear from you within the next couple of weeks.

Grace & Peace,


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