Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter - the constant voice of wisdom post-presidency

Carter had some strong, honest, and undoubtedly spot-on thoughts worthy of hearing. It's a two minute read, but it will take much more time to digest if you are so inclined.


Anonymous said...

I often struggle with disagreeing without being disagreeable. So I will try.

To say that Rep. Wilson's comments were racially motivated-is based on-what?

When President Carter has demonstrated his deep seated anti-Semitism for years-isn't that a little like the pot calling the kettle black?
Is "the pot calling the kettle black" a racist statement?

Anonymous said...

I shutter to think that Carter believes he can see into another person's heart and judge that person's motives. He should have just kept his mouth shut rather than pretending to know what he can't know.

Anyone who still thinks qualifications can be judged by skin or gender needs to grow up - this applies for those who are racist in the traditional sense as well as those who give preference to minorities as qualified simply because of their skin or gender.

This business of pinning disagreement with Obama on racism is a great way to avoid listening to other people. Sure that guy yelling at Obama was obnoxious and out of line. That isn't justification for labeling resistance to Obama racism.

Honestly you think Carter is right?

David Walker
Fort Wayne

randy buist said...

Anonymous Friends,

It's fair to question if Rep. Wilson's motives were racially motivated. I agree with that point entirely. It would be fair to state that some of the push-back against Obama is because of his skin color though.

Living in a highly republican area of the country that is also highly churched, I continue to hear 'Arab' and 'Muslim' muttered in regard to our President. What does this say about said person's view of our President?

To help us recall history, President Carter was responsible for getting Egypt and Israel to sign a peace accord. No other President since has done so much to help the cause of peace for Israel since.

I don't know if Carter is right on everything that he said: I do have a pretty good sense of two things though:

1 - Carter has done more good for civility post-presidency than perhaps any other President in our nation's history.

2 - Carter has a huge passion for truth, honesty, and the way of the life of Jesus Christ. He has given his life to causes more worthy than most of us dream.

3 - Carter is calling people out because of their racism toward Obama, and he's right. Any follower of Jesus who doesn't like him and even entertains the idea of 'Muslim' or 'Arab' has contempt for his skin color.

Anonymous said...

Reading your response, I don't actually see how you answered any of the points, just made assertions.

Whatever Carter has done or has not done does not give him insight into whether or not someone is racist.

You being in a Republican area does not make you unique. I have lived in deeply republican and now in a deeply democrat areas - racist people are in all those areas.

There are many reasons to disagree with Obama - and even get upset about things - besides race. Blaming it on race without nuance is to avoid having a conversation.