Wednesday, June 03, 2009

baby has a name...

For anyone reading... my sister, Marcelyn, had their little one in-waiting slide away from her and her family's life.  The previous post was not about Kathy and me, but it still stung [and stings].  Thanks to those of you who have prayed and asked.  


[from Marcelyn]

Byl Baby now has a name. Brennan Di Byl.


Brennan means sorrow and Di is short for the flower Bleeding Heart.

As we discussed names this morning, Adryn found the name quite fitting as he said ‘“Cry Baby” because we have been crying a lot lately about the baby’. So Brennan fits for all of us.

I was walking around the house Tuesday when I was at home with the kids and saw my bleeding heart.  It was like my seeing my heart on the outside flourishing with flowers. It was an awestruck gorgeous sight.



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