Thursday, April 02, 2009

want to really 'act'?

Looking for some generosity: is looking for some people who might be socially conscious and want to make a difference. We have some projects that need attention in Karia, Kenya where we are helping fund an orphanage and community development projects. We have two projects that I want to see funded by the end of April. 1 - Looking for people to donate dollars for mosquito nets for our 30 orphan kids. $10 is enough to buy a treated net as well as installation of that net. So, this will cost $300 bucks total. Any and all donations are appreciated. 2 - We have a micro-business that we are hoping to fund. It is an animal husbandry project involving rabbits. This project looks to be sustainable, and it will give employment to a handful of young people who have graduted from high school but are unemployed. This project will cost a total of $1500. If you are interested in helping with this effort, I would love to talk more... to donate!

Grace & Peace.

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