Thursday, April 02, 2009

justice conference in G.R.

From two great friends in Grand Rapids! Hello Beloved Family and Friends: Jayne & I wanted to invite you to a justice conference that is being puttogether by a group we are involved with. It is going to be on April 18at Oakdale Park CRC near Hall and Kalamazoo. I think we have a greatline up of speakers focusing on timely issues...If this is something youcan forward to your friends/network, please feel free to share withanyone you think would be interested. We are hoping to get a fullhouse! So here is the line up, with a link to our website. You can registeronline - $10 covers lunch and can be pd at the door too. We're trying to firm up the numbers, so if you can register this week it would be helpful! Child care is provided for the morning (register early for this!). Keynote: * Jonathan Bradford, President/CEO of ICCF speaking on "FindingHope in the Foreclosure Crisis" Breakouts:* ICCF will also do a breakout session on how a church can respondif one of its members is facing foreclosure * Kurt VerBeek (live video feed -hopefully - from Honduras)President of Association for a More Just Society. Case study on landreform in Honduras. * Kojo Quartey elder at a local African Church, board member for CR World Missions. Dean of the School of Business at DavenportUniversity, featured in the local media will comment on the globalimpact of international economic crisis, particularly in developingcountries. * Dave Allen (GR Public School Board) will discuss the impact ofthis economy on our local urban schools* Tim and Sharon VanderKodde, Jotham and Marie Ippel, Bruce Boman,- panel on intentional housing choices and the opportunity to do justicethrough where you live. * Kate Kooyman, CRC office of social justice and the MichiganOrganizing Project on the impact of this economy on local immigrantpopulations. * Darrell and Missy Jackson, Bean By Bean Coffee, Local couple andparents of 3 kids under age 6, running a fair trade coffee business outof their basement in Hudsonville, and the relationships they have beenable to build with the farmers they buy from in Guatemala. * Trillium Haven Farms and Mud Lake Farms - Consumer choices,buying locally.Register at: www.justiceinthiseconomy.comWe would love to see you there. Again, please pass this along to anyoneyou think would be interested! Thanks, Keith (and Jayne) Ver Beek

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