Sunday, April 19, 2009

how do we live?

Committed to the ways of Jesus Christ, and also aware that we only know bits about our God, I have questions for this day. The questions involved the evangelical idea that we can 'know God.' I realize this is an over-statement. In reality, we can know things about God but not fully know God. In turn, some voices challenging our rethinking of church and following Jesus, propose that following Jesus can not stand apart from propositional truth. My questions: What is propositional truth? What does it even mean within the context of faith? If God is fully knowable, then faith isn't faith. Instead, God is something to be proven like a complext math or chemistry equation. The idea of propositional truth within conversations about faith seem entirely out of place... We know God thru the Spirit that dwells within us. We know God through the community of believers, often referred to as "the people of God" within the biblical text. We know God thru the biblical text. To suggest that we know God thru propositonal truth that stands within the biblical text but not within the church nor the believer, we make the position of the church as well as the moving of the Spirit secondary to the text. One could even suggest the biblical text becomes primary to knowing God. Yet, the biblical text doesn't point us in this direction. It almost always points us toward the Spirit and the community of believers when it comes to affirming our faith. Back to propositional truth... my wife is a chemical engineer, and A+B somtimes equals C. Sometimes they do not. So, if this is the case with chemistry, how is it the case with a living and breathing God?

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