Sunday, April 05, 2009

a God of faithfulness...

Palm Sunday with great friends gathering around our kitchen table. The same table that stood in my grandparents home. The same table where I ate many great peanut cookies as well as mashed potatoes and beef roasts. The same table where grandma always invited us to for our annual Christmas cookie decorating. Real gingerbread for some of those cookies. The same table where I learned reverence during the reading of the Bible and during grandpa's very, very long prayers. More than once I was scolded for opening my eyes, giggling, or sipping my drink. The same table now stands in our kitchen. The same table calls us into constant faithfulness to the same God. This morning, on this Palm Sunday, great friends gathered. All are hoping and dreaming and living into faithfulness and righteousness. All of them embrace a 'baptised life' in heart, soul, mind, and strength. At the end of several battling weeks, I hope Holy Week is a reprise for eight days. After Scripture reading, song, and the breaking of bread together, there is no doubt that God's faithfulness continues on to the generations. My grandparent's hopes and dreams are honored and continue to live. So, to the critics of my frineds and of me, today I only say, "You know not of the things of which you speak." I may not always be sure of all things about God. I may care more about living a baptised life than determining whether infant or believers baptism is more correct. I may not always know, but I do know this: God is near.

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