Monday, April 27, 2009

away to D.C. - part 1

Just a few thoughts on my weekend in D.C. with emergent village friends... a group of 24 people who are re-imagining the future of this amazing living organism. ~ I was honored to be with such an extrordinary group of people. ~ Hanging among the clouds on the ninety minute trip home, again I was reminded of how amazing God's people and God's creation really are! They are. ~ While many people wanted to attend, and the process of selecting a small group to attend was deeply flawed, the Spirit isn't flawed. This particulare group of people was extrordinary... oh yea, I said that already... I bettter head to bed. A prayer as I head to bed: Thank you Lord God, Father, Son, and Spirit, for the amazing things that you have done. And for the amazing things that you have yet to do. In Jesus name.

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