Monday, March 09, 2009

emergent what?

I'm tired of fighting evangelical Christians when I state that I'm an emergent guy. I'm tired of attempting to explain things while knowing I won't be believed anyway. Face value doesnt' seem to be enough when you are an 'emergent' type. Here are a few things that I believe set much of the emergent family apart from where we've come from: 1 - We cling to a more robust theology of the Holy Spirit than most of our evangelical geneology. ~ We believe the Holy Spirit is active alongside our lives! 2 - Life is theology. ~ Leslie Newbigin stated that the hermeneutic of the gospel was the community of believers. In other words, our understanding of God is shaped in real life. It isn't simply shaped by our thoughts. 3 - The starting point of the Christian faith is the ministry of reconcilation. God desires to reconcile all of his creation to himself. As followers of Jesus, we become partners in reconciliation. From attempts at getting the Israelites to follow Yahweh to the life of Christ and onward through the New Testament, the story of God with his people is a story of restoring and bringing togather broken relationships. So, why do these three scare church-going evangelical followers of Jesus?

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Nurya Love Parish said...

Hey Randy,
I don't know why they would scare evangelicals, but then again I never was one... they make sense to me and I think they are a great summation of the distinctiveness of the emergent conversation.
take care,
p.s. I got here thru a link via twitter to emergent village... you are out there, guy!