Friday, April 04, 2008

When war becomes our peace.

On a day when many Americans, I suspet mostly black, will pause. .decades ago on that Memphis hotel balcony Martin Luther King Jr. stood joking with good friends. .a second later his life had ended. his hopes particular to his lifetime had ended. .growing up white in America I had plenty of friends tell me of how he was a Communist. .now I pause and feel too torn up to weap. my Christian friends acutally beleived this man of hope, this man of dreams of goodness and righteousness was a Communist. .what peace some people felt to know he was dead. what peace we have known to know Saddam is dead. .no. we know. but we know no peace. we know wars. we know death. .when our hopes and dreams are replaced with wars - then we know we have not become much of what we are meant to become -- people reflecting the face of God.


procon said...

How can you be such a die hard democrat and devout christian?? It does not seem like the two are possible. Do you not believe what the Bible says about marrriage or that human life starts at conception.

Randy said...

or I could believe that words matter, corruption in politics matter, lies to convince a nation to go to war matter, tax policies that favor the wealthy matter, God's creation (aka see Genesis 1) matters, and care for the poor matters...

I'm sick of lies being excusable in the name of the abortion debate, national safety being excuable for human torture and invasion of other nations...

I'm tired of republican politics that mock the biblical text...

Why are Christians threatened by gay rights? Perhaps we don't feel confident in our own marriages? Perhaps we should treat people with dignity regardless of their sexual orientation --- Jesus did.

Why don't we demand the same of ourselves?

procon said...

My concern was gay marriage not gay people...the Bible is pretty clear on how it defines that.

What makes you think every Republican is the same....thats like me thinking if Sen. Obama is elected that he will have an affair and lie under oath.

I think it is very sad how people will preach the Bible now to not put anybody to far out of their comfort zone.

Randy said...

fair enough...
With that said, trust is earned. It is never meant to be given generously without being earned.

The Republicans starting with Bush, Cheney, Scooter Libby, a handful of senators and reps currently moving out of Washington --- all have shown why they need to again earn trust. Likewise, John McCain is part of that party that needs to again earn my trust.

He's not doing too well either. He just decided that Sarah Palin will help him win; she's brings nothing to the table that has real value to our politics. McCain knows that. His strongest supporters will admit its a way to help him WIN.

When winning becomes the main objective, and the means to that end don't matter, then we entirely discount the gospel message.

Furthermore, I know how the gospel can change our thinking. I know. I've grown up in the most conservative county in the nation. My family has strong connections to some of the most powerful conservative families in the nation. I have been a reliable Republican most of my life.

Then I found that the gospel also speaks to so many things that I had never really discoverd... caring for the poor, the weak, those who don't have a voice.

I again realized that Jesus hung out with the 'least of these' by his choice.

While I believe that neither party has it all right, I believe the democratic party is much closer to the heart of God than the Republican party at this time.

Far too many Republicans care far too much about 'their money' and 'their taxes.' The fact remains that we need to care for the least of these, and we should stop caring so much about how our money is spent.

While I am also agaist abortion, and I have issues with gay marriage, perhaps they shouldn't be the two defining things that determine our politics. I know plenty of democrats who have issue with these things as well.

Back to McCain for a final thought: When he can show wisdom, and when he believes that his words really do matter, then I'll consider that he may be a serious follower of Jesus... until then, I want to wash his mouth out with soap just as my grandmother would have done.