Thursday, January 24, 2008

-7 in west michigan this morning

~click on title for more pics of this morning~

crunching snow beneath one's every step; minus wind still so cold that it hurt the nostrils to breathe.


the local high school stadium in the distance on the very farmland my grandmother spent her childhood. beauty still abounds where grandma chased cats - learned to milk cows - and learned the family secrets -- namely kingdom life.

three generations removed from Gert Vos' childhood - and I'm watching my kids learn about life... living in a farmhouse that stood when grandma was a kid - and less than two miles from where she called 'home' - now home to the high school stadium.

and in the midst of the cold of life - two of Anna's friends and their families are moving out of state within the school year - my kids are still learning family secrets.

~ what a cold But amazing morning... a reminder of our family secrets enduring generations.

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journey of the discontent said...

Hey Randy. I haven't seen you in a long time. Are you guys meeting this month? I'd like to try to come. I think I saw you're meeting at Dillenbecks now. What will the date be for Feb?
Christian Baron