Sunday, September 30, 2007

When justice rolls down like a mighty water?

This week Kathy and I find ourselves in Santa Fe - hanging out with good friends who are lovers of Jesus. And today - a day before we gather - we find ourselves in this hippie town of Madrid. No kidding. It is likely the most hippie town in America. It is also a place for fair trade and good food and hospitality. It is ironic that this hippie town of artist also rely heavily on those of us 'in the real world' for their incomes. It is so strange... The people in this very small town desire to be themeselves without the dictations of busy corporate life and school and church and AYSO obligations. As my friends - Will & Lisa Samson say in their most recent book entitled "Justice in the Burbs" - none of these pursuits are bad in and of themselves. The problem becomes that these pursuits create a kind of culture. We create a king of culture by the things we pursue. So I ask myself - what do I want to pursue? Am I embracing things that embrace the ways of Jesus - that embrace the kingdom of God? Or am I caught on the hampster wheel without a way to get off? God no. At least I hope not. And as I sit in this cafe' in Madrid I am reading the headlines of the news... "American war with Iran?" ... "Peacekeepers attacked in Sudan" ... "Mynmar monks fired upon." And I wonder why we - sons & daughters of God - have yet to embrace peace over democracy? What really is our god? From a good book that I know of... 9Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. 10Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, [righteousness can also be understood as 'justice'] for theirs is the kingdom of God. ... I just got an e-mail from the Barack Obama campaign. He's created a lead in Iowa. He's also the only person running for the American Presidency who had the wisdom to avoid this middle east disaster that we created. While you may not like it that this post has gone from justice (fair trade in Madrid) to justice (the Jesus) to justice (the book quote) to a man with wisdom that embraces justice. But if followers of Jesus really believe his words - then it seems that we should take his words seriously. Or at least we should stop attending church on Sundays and pretend that we take Jesus seriously.


Anonymous said...

Do the beatitudes simple say, if you believe this then you must vote for Obama?
That Madrid place is cool

Randy said...


Thanks for stoppin by here. I dont' think we must vote for Obama if we are followers of Jesus. No. No political candidate is capable of bringing about the kingdom of God.

I do think we undervalue wisdom in this nation. It's ironic because the biblical text places it at the highest value. I think we also must acknowledge that Obama was the only presidential candidate to believe this war would be an outright disaster.

Perhaps wisdom would be a better indicator of good leadership than experience?