Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mid-Life stuff... in a good direction...

For those of you asking, or not asking, I am doing much better in terrms of health. ~ Physically, I am at about 95% of where I would like to be with improvements every week or two. So, we seem to be headed in a good direction. ~ I think it's the emotional and spiritual stuff, the stuff that connects mind and heart with God and the things of the kingdom, that are the most difficult and complex. Turning 41, along with a bunch of physical and mental stresses that I didn't realize were so pressing on me, sent me for a serious loop. My best guess says that this is officially my 'mid-life crisis.' I have yet to buy a sports car or my ultimate water ski boat, but I have found that exersice, good coffee and great microbrews along with family and friends are healthy for the body, mind, and soul. Prayers for continued improvements are still appreciated, but I believe that the Spirit has my body headed in a healthy direction. I have learned tons in the midst of this crisis of which I'll write more later. May the shalom of God be with you, randy

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