Sunday, May 27, 2007

No war... it's not of the kingdom...

And in the new creation, there will be no more wars or rumors of war... Oh, to be the kind of people who desire the things of God... While we may not have any easy exit strategies for this war since we've totally messed with the balance of power in that region of the world, make no mistakes about this: This war was and is an UTTER DISASTER. While we can't easily see the end of this war, we should recognize that we had no business going into Iraq in the first place. We had no plan for 'success' - whatever that might have been. We still have no real plan -- and thousands of our young men and women are dead. DEAD. Their fathers and mothers are grieving their losses, and their wives, girlfriends, and children have a future without a husband and father. I think it's an ironic thing when we (followers of Jesus) claim to be pro-life, and yet we fail to recognize that war kills people. It isn't the way of the kingdom. And in this partiuclar war, we started it. As for previous wars, we were often fighting the aggressor, but in this case we started the fight. We are responsible for this mess... And on this Memorial Day weekend, let's not forget the thousands of little kids who will not have a daddy for their ENTIRE lifetime because George W. Bush decided that his world of power and free enterprise and democracy was more important than kids having a dad... Someone with more wisdom than our current power brokers --- please step forward and show us a way out of our political mess, and God forgive us for our sins.

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