Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Orleans?

Anyone else notice that New Orleans wasn't even mentioned in the State of the Union address last night? Priorities? We bomb and rebuild other nations, but we don't make it a top priority to take care of our own???


Anonymous said...

What I'm wondering is, could it have been possible for him to give a speech that you would have been happy with?
Politics is like theology lectures or preaching, no matter what you say, someone will find something you didn't mention, make a whole bunch of assumptions based on the fact it wasn't mentioned, then complain.

Randy said...

Fair enough question. I don't know the anwer to the question.

My critique of New Orleans isn't just of Bush. I believe the entire administration deserves much of the credit for the botched effort in New Orleans.

I do believe that we must acknowledge that we are willing to bomb cities and then rebuild them in Iraq, but we have thus far been less than motivated to show the same kind of commitment to our own people.

If we are entirely honest, much of the failure of New Orleans has to do with it being a city with little financial significance to our national ecomony.

If a tidal wave hits New York city do we believe that we would put together such a poor effort to rebuild? Hardly.

Not unlike Iraq, there has been no national strategy toward a desired outcome.

In New Orleans, what are we trying to rebuild? In Iraq, what are we trying to accomplish? Is it to get rid of the weapons? Or create democracy? Or perhaps simply to win the peace?

I am at odds with this administration; I believe any student of democracy knows that military might never creates a free society. Democracy usually takes decades and even centuries to develop.

In addition, we are not making progress in Afghanistan which is something that the administration either neglects to mention or chooses not to report...

I long for a leader who can create unity rather than division among Americans. I'm tired of red vs. blue and how can I avoid working with you...