Thursday, August 10, 2006

war... what is it good for?

Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God. - Matt. 5: 9 Do we care about this? At all? Someone recently commented that the war in Iraq was neither 'pro' nor 'anti' Christian. While I appreciate the comment, either we are 'for' protecting life or we are not. Either we call ourselves pro-life and embrace this kind of thing or we don't. Either we call ourselves supporters of marriage and keep families intact or we allow for 3,000 American moms and dads and sons and daughters to die for... for a fight against people who don't like us. Now we have Rumsfeld saying that we are helping the 'terrorists' by taking a stand against the war. Are these really the ways of Jesus? Are these the things that the kingdom of God embraces? Are these even the things that most Americans believe to be right and true? So, back to the question. Do we believe the biblical text? Do we believe that Jesus called us to be peacemakers? Do we believe that we will be called sons of God for this kind of action? Call me a conservative? For I do believe the ways of Jesus are worthy of passing on to the next generation. Call me a liberal? I'll take that as well. Being called a 'son of God' is worthy of praise.

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Anonymous said...

So are all wars automatically anti-pro-life, or just this one?