Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh God, you are our God!

This very morning I found myself driving my three year old son to 'beach day.' That is the theme at pre-school, the place he adores, this morning. On the brief jaunt to pre-school, we listened to Rick Mullins eternal song, "Step by Step." It's a song we sing to each of our kids every night as they wander into sleep. We sang it to our oldest when she was an infant; it must have spoke into her life as it alwasy helped her find that sleepy place. Then we tried to stop singing the song, but she wouldn't let us. She would request it. We would try to wiggle out of it, and she would again request it. Now it IS the tradition of our home. Her younger brother hears us sing it to her, and he also requests, "Oh God." A year or so ago Anna, our oldest, suggested that we change the words to "our God" rather than "my God" since we were all following the same God. So here it is. Here is our family spiritual discipline every night: Oh God, you are our God. And we will ever praise you. Oh God you are our God. And we will ever praise you. We will seek you in the morning. And we will learn to walk in your ways. And step by step you'll lead us. And we will follow you all of our days. In the midst of pain and brokenness in life, what more could we ask for? While we don't have nearly all the answers, we know who we follow. In a world that is so messed up, in a place where I hate our politcs and lack of compassion, we know the same God that my great-great grandparents were trying to follow. I feel a bit like the Israelites following the cloud and the fire. I don't always know why, but I certainly know who. Oh God, you are our God!

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SolaMeanie said...

Believe it or not, Randy...I have moments like that! I also like what Michael Card wrote..."give up all your pondering and fall on your knees."

Congratulations on your new baby, also!

As an aside, you posted a reply on my blog to something..and I meant to answer it but was distracted by a severe case of hives over the weekend. Now I can't find the post. Could I perhaps be losing what I had left of my mind? Maybe it's the prednisone. :)