Friday, December 12, 2003

I had lunch with Joe Myers today along with a bunch of other good people. Two are on staff at Kentwood Community Church, and four others are on staff at Ada Bible Church. We had good food, an interesting waitress, and good convesation with some really thoughtful people. In addition, I think this was one more piece in the midst of many pieces that God is bringing together for water's edge. Back to Joe Myers... Joe recently wrote a book entitled "The Search to Belong" published by Zondervans. To say that Joe is an intersting person is an understatement!!!!!!!!!!!! (get the point) A few things I took from the conversation today: ~ let's just be church rather than go to church. let's take the sidewalks of our lives and live God's goodness, kindness, and gentleness on those sidewalks. ~ let's stop calling ourselves a "church plant" because we have no idea what that means anyway. nobody planted us. nobody wanted to plant us. it seems it was entirely a God thing. we have no idea what we will "grow up" into; so let's stop useing that phrase "church plant." it really has no helpful value to us as a community nor to anyone else. ~ let's say we are being "church" together and not talk about "this is our church." let's never get into that idea of territory as something that other Christ followers need to stay clear of... ~ let's be people who show hospitality not for the sake of winning others to "water's edge" or the "church" but because it's something that is a fruit of the Spirit. inviting people for breakfast, coffee, a Red Wings game, a beer, good wine, or dinner ISN'T just a nice thing to do. it's something that God people do. it give praise to God. it directs people toward our lives and ultimately toward the hospitality that God shows us... inviting all of us into his story. ~ let's think of the church as an "opt out" thing rather than try to get people to "join us." let's treat them as if they want to be in fellowship with God, and let's treat them as if they desire to be part of God's story until they tell us differently. ~ let's have dinner parties and invite people... some people who are in love with God and know him well and others who are not... and let's not get preachy with them... let's strive not to punch them in the face with the gospel... let's allow the aroma of God to seep out of the coffee pot, the oven door, the stove top, the grill, the crunching lettuce in the salad, and the tenderness of the meat... let's serve the bread of life without having the need to explain it to our guests... ~ let's learn afresh what it means to be about indwelling the story we find ourselves in... the story of God with his people... as far as I know, that includes all of us.

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