Monday, November 24, 2003

It's volleyball season... and I am stoked! I am always excited for the arrival of a new season. This volleyball think takes tons of time, but I love it. Sometimes it nearly consumes me, but it fires me up. It gets me going. It drives me to strive for my very best, for something beyond what I have ever previously accomplished. We'll see how the season goes, but I am excited. We have 28 wonderful freshmen trying out for the team. Unfortunately only 12 or 13 will make the freshman team. I hate try-outs in regards to what it does to girls. It is hard on their self-confidence. It wrecks hopes and dreams... Fortunately God has better hopes and dreams for our lives than we can imagine... Regardless if we are 14 or 15 or 37... Looking forward to a great year of volleyball once we get past "cuts" this week!

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